Develop, measure, evaluate  social-emotional learning.

Teach your learners the competencies and skills that research has proven will positively impact their school success.

Monocle learner

Tō Tātou Mīhana

Our mission

Our mission is to help schools understand the social-emotional and psychological aspects of the ‘whole child’ and to develop, integrate and embed learning-related behaviours and skills into the classroom to enable learners to reach their full potential.

We believe the diverse and unique set of individual characteristics and skills each learner brings to the learning environment, creates amazing possibilities.

We know that by enhancing and embedding social-emotional learning behaviours into everyday classroom activities, learner engagement and motivation to learn will increase, along with overall school performance.



  • Develop and Embed

    Whether you are looking to bring social-emotional learning (SEL) into your school, or have started an SEL initiative, we will work with you to develop and implement the right SEL focus for your learners that aligns with your strategic plan.

    Using our Theory of Impact framework, we will work with you to create a systems approach to implementing SEL in your school in a way that will create a school-wide environment for change and impact that is sustainable and embedded.

  • Assess and Measure

    We have developed a core set of social-emotional measurement (SEM) tools that will provide you and your educators with an in-depth view of your learners in the areas research shows has the greatest impact in supporting their learning and progress.

  • Monitor and Evaluate

    We will help you and your team become self-evaluators. Our Theory of Impact framework and social-emotional measurement (SEM) tools will provide you with the structure and resources to monitor and evaluate your SEL journey over the short-, medium- and long-term. Our approach is designed to help you report on and show impact in an easy to manage and systematic way.

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